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Verdicts Section

MVA - Wrongful Death

MVA - Neck and Back Injuries

Nursing home - Leg Injury

MVA - Broken Leg and Back Injury

MVA - Back Injury

MVA - Wrongful Death

MVA - Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

MVA - Neck Injury

Dangerous Intersection - Head Injury

Policy Limits - Motorcycle Accident - Leg Injury

Policy Limits - MVA - Neck Injury

MVA - Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Motorcycle Accident - Wrist and Leg injury

Neck and Back injuries

Neck and Back injuries

MVA - Leg and Hip Injury

MVA - Ringing in Ears/Neck Injury

MVA - Facial Injuries

Minor impact Neck and shoulder

MVA Neck, Back and TMJ

Trip and Fall

Pedestrian v. Motor Vehicle

Wrongful Death

Motor Vehicle Collision

Wrongful Death

Pedestrian v. Motor Vehicle

Auto Accident - Neck (Jury Verdict)

Motor Vehicle Accident - Wrongful Death

MVA v. pedestrian - Leg Amputation

Policy Limits Auto - Brain Damage

MVA Neck injury

Wrongful death policy limits

Policy Limits Auto - Neck/Thoracic

$ 817,500
Premises Liability - Psychological

$ 650,000
Premises Liability - Knee/Back

$ 600,000
Policy Limits Auto - Wrongful Death

$ 500,000
Policy Limits Auto - Neck/Thoracic

$ 307,500
Premises Liability - Psychological

$ 300,000
Policy Limits Motorcycle - Leg/Foot

$ 250,000
MVA Neck and back injuries policy limits

$ 150,000
Wrongful death disputed liability

$ 125,000
Medical Malpractice - botched surgery

$ 100,000
MVA Back injury policy limits

$ 100,000
MVA Neck and Back injuries policy limits



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Our firm regularly represents people who were seriously injured in these types of accidents and those that suffered head and brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, back and neck injuries, or burn injuries. We also have significant experience in helping the families of wrongful death victims.

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