Pharmaceutical, Drug and Medical Device Injury

Rueb and Motta has sued numerous Pharmaceutical Companies and Medical Device Manufacturers, including national catastrophes, transvaginal mesh, defective bone cement, and now we are taking IVC filter cases.  While medicine has come a long way, the industry has had its problems. The advancement of antibiotics in the last century, such as penicillin, ushered in medicines which provided vaccines to children to combat the terror of diseases like measles and polio. Today, medicine and antibiotics are now used on a daily basis by a large scale of the modern world. Historically, we trusted pharmaceutical companies but it has become all too common for a drug or medical device company to cut corners to save costs, advance their market position and cause severe injuries.  Instead of drugs helping us and improving our quality of life, some actually cause serious injury or even wrongful death.

The pharmaceutical and medical device industry has shifted to an industry which is driven by its high profits. Due to its massive size and the amount of capital invested in new medications and medical devices, profits only come with new inventions and advancements.  As a result, drugs are often rushed onto the marketplace without thorough and adequate precautions or testing, sometimes resulting in serious injury or death. In order for drugs to be sold in the U.S., they must be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Unfortunately, the FDA often inadequately tests medications before products are released to the public. Other times, insufficient or misleading warning labels adorn the bottles/products, which can cause patients to inadvertently abuse their drugs.  As Rueb and Motta have learned from our clients’ cases, these companies also illegally promote and provide health care professionals incentives to use and recommend their drug or medical device to their patients before legitimate medical tests have proven their benefits and, more importantly, discovered any harmful effects of the drug or medical device.

In this race for profits, pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers can be held liable for the injuries and deaths their drugs and medical devices cause.   Drug injuries have become so widespread that you can see them relentlessly touted on late night commercials.  There is a growing distrust of the pharmaceutical industry. Several of the main drugs and medical devices known to cause injuries include:

  • IVC: A blood filter designed to stop the flow of blood clots that can break, puncture and cause severe internal organ damage. 
  • Trans Vaginal Mesh: Which is supposed to assist with a woman’s prolapse, but has so many complications, often requiring several surgeries.  
  • Xarelto:  Prescription blood thinner manufactured by Bayer and marketed by Johnson & Johnson.
  • Yaz: Birth control medication which has been linked to blood clots and increased potassium levels in the blood.
  • Chantix:  Smoking cessation drug which is linked to birth defects.
  • Actos and Byetta: Diabetes drugs which have been linked to severe organ damage.
  • Fen-Phen: diet drug which has been found to cause fatal pulmonary hypertension.
  • Topamax: migraine drug which has been linked to birth defects.

With nearly half the American population taking a minimum of one prescription drug daily and one in six taking three or more every day, these injuries and the negligence that causes them is becoming more widespread, and it seems the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t care about the risks of injury or death as several companies continue to market and sell their defective products. 

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