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When you go shopping or stay at a motel, hotel or other residence that provides security, you expect to be safe. Security and owner negligence, however, can produce dangerous conditions that can lead to accidents. If you had a slip and fall accident in a store or outside a California restaurant, or if negligent security is to blame for your sexual assault, contact the premises liability attorneys at Rueb and Motta. Call or use the form to set up a free, no-obligation consultation:

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At the law firm of Rueb and Motta, we are former Contra Costa County prosecutors who have been successful in securing compensation for people injured on another person's property. Before you talk to the negligent property owner or an insurance adjuster about your accident or injury, talk to us. We can help you build a strong premises liability claim and prove owner liability for your injuries.

  • When negligent security fails to protect people under their care, someone may enter the facility and commit sexual assault, rape or another crime against someone staying in the facility.
  • When a property owner fails to clean up a spill, fix uneven stairs or poor lighting, or adequately warn patrons and visitors of dangerous conditions, someone may trip or slip and fall and suffer serious injury. Owner negligence in providing safe premises may cause head injuries or back and neck injuries if a person falls.
  • If a pet owner provides inadequate warning to guests or people lawfully on the property about a dog's dangerous propensity, a dog may bite or attack another person. A dog bite can be serious and cause scarring or other disfigurement.
  • Our firm handles cases where any kind of owner negligence, inadequate maintenance, or a poorly maintained or cleaned property resulted in harm or injury to a guest, patron, shopper or other visitor. Our premises liability attorneys help injured people get the compensation they need if they were injured by a property owner's negligence.

The personal injury attorneys at Rueb and Motta are well-known and respected throughout the legal community and among our clients. We serve clients throughout California and our experience and expertise are available to you.

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